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Chaos & Cashmere

Hey Scarlet, let's
You're like the third
This week undressing to be heard
The boys all like
The boys alright

Says she likes
Chaos and cashmere
The sexy lifestyle and her fear
There's nothing else
There's nothing pure

So Scarlet run
You're second, run
We long to see some simple sex
Still losing weight
Thin legs will break

Let's go agressive moves
I might
Call her bitch and cause a fight
We'd like some
Plastic trash for cash

Like lava I might...

Honey Hurts Me


Losing a Friend

You know
We have no soul
Don't you tell anyone
With time
You won't know shit
You'll be another one

If/yes it's too late for running
Then/and silence is bliss
If/yes it's too late for loving this

Face it,
Let it go,
Let it slip your mind
Don't go
Changing things
Changing anything

Losing a friend

An Old Friend

Time to meet an old friend
You're looking it up,
But they're watching it now

So maybe we could be leaving soon

On a Cigarette


What They Force You To

You're so close
Can't you see
What they do,
What they force you to

Is this safe
As your heart's
Slowing down
You are dead now

You've got it
We know
Don't want to hear about it
It shows,
We know what's left to do
But i was living inside
And still
I'm on fire

I've never said such things,

While We're Young